Building Web Sites 101

1. Domain Name Registration
Choose a name for example "x.y"
"x" should describe your site.
"y" is one of several extensions:
.biz = business
.com = commercial
.info = information
.net = network
.org = organization
.us = United States
Cost: $15.00 per year up to ten (10) years.
2. One-time setup charges:
DNS (Domain Name Server) = $50.00.
Your Domain Name (and associated IP address) is registered in the main Internet database which provides the mechanism for your Web site to be accessed.
Web Server = $50.00.
Storage areas are set up on CyberNet hard drives that contain your Web pages.
3. Design & Maintenance
Our rate is $75.00 per hour billed in ¼ hour increments.
Simple Web sites can cost just a few hundred dollars.
4. Hosting
Our basic rate is $19.95 per month which includes:
One (1) email account.
Additional email accounts are $3.00 to $5.00 per month.

FTP = File Transfer Protocol access.
FTP offers the ability to control your own Web site.

Technical support.

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