Web Messaging gives you the ability to check your email while you are traveling.
Using any computer that is connected to the Internet, do the following:

Open any browser.
A browser is the screen or window (what you are looking at on the computer's monitor) that allows you to surf the Web.

In the area, at the top of the screen, where you type Web addresses (Web sites that you want to visit) type the following:
For example:

A screen will pop up that asks for the following information:

Username: your email address -- example:
Password: (enter your usual password)
Language: the default should be English -- leave it alone
Regarding the two check boxes: "Remember my username" and "Remember my password" -- if it's your laptop or home computer, checking the boxes will eliminate you having to enter them in future logons. If you are using some other machine, a friend's or one in an Internet cafe, etc, you probably wouldn't want to check those boxes.

That should do it. Let us know if you have any further questions or comments.