META TAGS are hidden from the viewer. A way to see them is by right-clicking in a clear area on a Web page and choosing "View Source."

There are several types of Meta Tags, but two of the most important are "Keywords" and "Description."

There should be a character limit to the number of "keywords" or "description" when used in Meta Tags.

Meta Tags can be embedded within any of your Web pages, but they MUST be on the home page.

Robots and Spiders are automated programs that "search engines" (Yahoo, Google, etc.) and "directories" use to scour the Web looking for new pages. They read the Meta Tags and, hopefully, those pages are then added to their database.

"Keywords" are single words and word phrases that people type into a Search Engine's requester box. If you were looking for a Web site that offers the same product, service or information as you are offering, what word or words would you use to find them? This technique may help you to develop your list of "keywords."

Collect as many words and word phrases that you can think of and then prioritize them from the most important keyword to the least important. Some Search Engines limit the number of keywords by total words or total characters. Try not to go over 150 characters. (Commas should separate keywords. Note that a space is a character, therefore it is not necessary to have spaces except between multi-word phrases.)

"Description" should be no more than 150 characters long. "Description" should describe what your Web site is about.

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